5th Grade


We have come to the end of the school year and the fifth grade class of 2021-2022 are looking forward to a nice summer break - they deserve it as they were so industrious during this school year. During the 4th quarter, we worked on our Genius Hour, simple machines, and the Code Blue projects for science.

Code Blue is a project in which students become experts in the body systems - students attended Long's Medical School to earn degrees as cardiologists, gastroenterologists, pulmonologists, orthopedic surgeons, infectious disease specialists, and neurologists.

For Genius Hour, students researched their passions and made presentations to the class and parents who attended; finally for simple machines, students built their own machines and made presentations to the lower elementary grades. It was a pretty busy quarter for science class. 

It was the privilege of a lifetime to teach hundreds of students at Prairie School.  Thank you parents and students for the wonderful, special years teaching fifth grade and Spanish. God bless.

Mrs. Long

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These two patients came to our clinic for aid; they were both confused.

Molly is having a hemorrhage.

Action in the ER.

The doctors giving Mrs. Oldewage medicine.

The team of neurologists educating the class about what they do.

Our team of doctors ready to start healing patients.

Mrs. Oldewage arriving to our clinic - she was the first patient of the day.

Dr. Parras aiding one of our patients. Mrs. Ramseier had head injury.

Dr. Bailey helping a patient with his insurance form.

This patient brought to the clinic as she was seriously bleeding.

Dr. Hickey taking Mrs. Ramseier's blood pressure.

Piper's Genius Hour Project: Laparoscopic Artificial Insemination in Sheep.

Piper educating her class about the sheep uterus samples she brought.

Mason's Genius Hour project.

Cambryn's Genius Hour project.

Tatum's Genius Hour project.

Liam's Genius Hour presentation.

Ash's Genius Hour presentation.

Piper's artifact - sheep insemination.

Case's Genius Hour presentation.

Bree's Genius Hour presentation.

Taryn's Genius Hour presentation - Pastry Chef. Taryn brought French pastries she made for the class to enjoy.

Our class enjoying the pastries.

Mason's history of firearms presentation.

Cordelia's Genius Hour presentation.


Juan's Genius Hour presentation - cooking steak properly.

Our team of doctors working hard on their project.

Piper's simple machine.

Cordelia's simple machine.

Cambryn's simple machine.

Bree's simple machine.

Students from lower elementary grades interacting with our simple machines.

Mason's simple machine.

Mason's simple machine.

Liam presenting on his simple machine.

Tatum's simple machine.

Taryn's simple machine.

Kyler's simple machine.

Ash's simple machine.

Juan's simple machine.

Bree's simple machine based on hydraulics was one of the most popular machines.

Case and Liam are gastroenterologists. 

Dr. Bringelson educating the rest of the medical team about his profession.

Dr. Bailey speaking with a patient to make better health choices.

Dr. Bringelson discussion diagnosis with Dr. Chacon and Dr. Oldewage.

The ER was the busiest on this day.

Dr. Martinez giving good news to a patient.

Dr. Lindsey and Dr. Hoozee interviewing Mrs. Hatch about her illness.

Dr. Chacon interviewing a patient.

Dr. Bailey speaking to patient heart-to-heart about his diagnosis.

Dr. Kugler checking on a patient who collapsed in our clinic.

Dr. Nicklas taking blood pressure.

Dr. Hynson interviewing a patient.

Dr. Marler busy at work.

Dr. Hynson listening to patient's breath.

Dr. Bailey speaking with patient about his prescription medicine.

Patient given medicine.

Dr. Hickey giving her insight to the rest of the medical team. The case from Mrs. Bailey was quite complex.

Dr. Parras prescribing meds.

Dr. Martinez speaking with patient about her blood pressure and meds to take.

There was a long queue line outside our clinics.

Dr. Holloway injecting a patient with scarce medicine.

Dr. Hoozee speaking to a distraught patient.

Dr. Lindsey assisting a patient.

Mrs. Davis is being assisted by our doctors.

Mrs. Davis showing signs of confusion...our doctors were working as quick as they could to help her out!

Ms. Denise coming in and out of consciousness. 

Ms. Denise had quite a rough day.  Many of our team doctors are assisting her.

Mrs. Long and Tatum.