Mrs. Lawson

Today we had the wonderful opportunity to have Mrs. Lawson teach us the correlation of musical notes and fractions. Today's math challenge had the following questions:

How many quarter notes have the same length as a dotted half note? Justify your answer. What note has the same length as 2 sixteenth notes? Name two different combinations of notes that have the same length as a whole note? Name three notes shorter than a dotted quarter note and three notes longer than a dotted quarter note? How much longer are 1 half note and 1 eight note together than 1 quarter note? Explain your reasoning.

Mrs. Lawson sent the 5th graders to the Promethean board to prove their answers and we had rich math/music conversations. We also made Mrs. Lawson take notes in our Promethean board; she was pretty good at it.

Mrs. Lawson teaching actions were guided questions and the students were able to make sense of the problems, have perseverance in solving the problem, and have a discussion once their answer was checked.

Thank you Mrs. Lawson for helping us and giving us the opportunity to have a rich, challenging, and glorious math/music lesson. Please feel free to come again.


Mrs. Long and her beloved 5th graders.