Super Readers

We continue to learn in the classroom. I have seen fifth graders grow this school year. My heart is filled with joy because as a class, the fifth graders have read 7,713,494 words so far and they are not stopping. Congratulations to Amelia Stroud, Aislyn Samber, Kaydense Funk, and Alice Marler for reaching their reading goals. These girls have not stopped reading...they continue to devour books. 

Congratulations Aislyn for reaching your reading goal.

Below students working during science time:

During science, the fifth graders completed their Genius Hour project. We enjoyed their presentations and it was fascinating to me to learn about what intrigues them. 

Running off some energy while waiting for the next Genius Hour presentation.

We set goals with the students to crush NWEA scores for our district assessments. I am happy to report that as a class, the students reached their goal and crushed scores for math, science, reading, and language arts. Their reward was to have a mini-party in the afternoon. We had ice cream and root beer treats.  Also a special thank you to Mrs. Becker, Mrs. Ridnour, and Mrs. Mertens for sending treats for the students to enjoy. Students brought board games, sang and danced, laughed, and enjoyed each other’s company. 

We opened the store for the 4th quarter. Students shopped to their hearts’ content. 

Students listening to Mr. Kimmel's Punnett Square lesson:


Thank you for all you do parents and guardians...I could not do it without you.

Keep on reading!

Mrs. Long