Best Science Reaction: Cameron's Face

Happy Halloween!

            Today, we completed a series of fascinating dry ice experiments. Students learned that dry ice is frozen carbon dioxide, and instead of melting, dry ice turns directly into carbon dioxide gas. We handled the dry ice with care as it is -110 degrees Fahrenheit. We made our own spooky, bubbling beverage and we trapped carbon dioxide in a big bubble. A special thanks to Mrs. Becker for providing us with the dry ice, and Mrs. Mertens for providing us with the apple juice to complete the science experiments. Mrs. Mertens also treated us to root beer floats…those were so yummy!

Investigating bubbling concoctions. 

Trapping carbon dioxide in our bubble.

It takes skill and patience to trap carbon dioxide...the kids mastered it.

Having a blast being human circuits. 

            During the month of October, my fifth graders wrote their own Epitaphs. An Epitaph is an inscription on a tombstone in memory of someone who died. 

              Every week, a student is in charge of the “Word of the Week”.  Each week we learn a new and exciting word. Students write sentences on their reading notebooks.  Please ask your child about the exciting words they have learned so far.  Also, some of my students are using these words in their writing, making their teacher a jubilant camper!