Senate Bill 10-191 changes the way all educators (principals/assistant principals, teachers and specialized service professionals) will be evaluated in Colorado with the ultimate goal of continuously supporting educators' professional growth and, in turn, accelerating student results.

The new evaluation requirements include opportunities for reflection, review, professional development and growth. S.B. 10-191 requirements include:

  • Annual evaluations for all principals/assistant principals, teachers and specialized service professionals
  • Evaluation based on statewide Quality Standards defining what it means to be an effective teacher, principal or specialized service professional; the professional practice Quality Standards account for half of an educator's annual evaluation
  • The other half of an educator's annual evaluation is based on the Quality Standard that measures student learning/outcomes over time
  • Non-probationary status is earned after three consecutive years of demonstrated effectiveness
  • Non-probationary status is lost after two consecutive years of less than effective ratings

Please see the items here for Prairie's evaluation system.