5th Graders

Wahoo – third quarter is almost completed! We are extremely industrious in the fifth grade, and looking forward to new challenges. 

Math: We have set the foundation for fractions using our Saxon curriculum and we are ready to move to adding/subtracting fractions with unlike denominators in the 4h quarter.  

Social Studies: We are in unit 5, The Struggle for North America. We learned about Lewis and Clark’s expedition and the Louisiana Purchase, The War of 1812, the Industrial Revolution of the 1830s, and are ready to start the Age of Andrew Jackson.   

English: We completed our verb unit by covering: action verbs, direct objects, main verbs and helping verbs, linking verbs, tenses (present, past, future), subject-verb agreement, agreement with be and have, contractions with not, and regular and irregular verbs. We are in the middle of our adjectives unit.

Reading: We have been practicing writing opinion essays and are in the middle of writing informative essays.

Science: The fifth graders finished their Energy Sources Unit. They were grouped and the students researched the following renewable and nonrenewable sources: Hydroelectricity, natural gas, nuclear energy, petroleum, solar energy, and geothermal energy. Our next project is Genius Hour. Students are currently researching a passion of their and they will be presenting/educating the class and guests on Monday, March 29th

Currently we are in the Body Systems unit. We are preparing for an in-class science project:)

Thank you for your continued support with the “Read Alouds” at home. Read aloud is a substantial skill your child needs to acquire in order to emerge as a successful reader.  Another important part of comprehending what we read is fluency.  Fluency is determined by the speed and intonation used during reading.  Your child’s comprehension should increase as they become a more fluent reader.  A great way to increase fluency is by reading books more than once and trying to increase reading speed each time it is read.  A good rule of thumb is that they should read as they talk – not too fast and not too slow.  Please encourage your child to reread familiar books so they become more confident, fluent readers

Keep on reading!

Mrs. Long 






Thank you Mrs. Mertens for the cuties.


Taste buds laboratory.





Lewis and Clark's Expedition - weighing items taken on their trip 1804-1806.




Walk - Read during social studies.


Observing plants and animal cells lab. Thank you Mr. Monheiser for explaining our lesson.








Tiny Town field trip.


Good-bye third quarter.