Student Council Mission Mission Statement:

We, the Student Council of Prairie High School, strive to create and preserve a united student body. A body infused with pride and spirit which encompasses students, faculty, and community, by promoting involvement within Prairie School.


The main goals of this organization are as follows:

  1. To plan, organize, advertise, prepare, execute, and evaluate school activities for Prairie School students.
  2. To build lifelong skills of teamwork, leadership, organization, and project planning.
  3. To promote school spirit and encourage school involvement.

Class Officers:

  • President- Bobbie Schreiner
  • Vice President- Levi Troudt
  • Secretary- Maverik Mertens
  • Treasurer- Montana Goodman

Other Members:

  • Sponsor- Brendee Whitney
  • 12th Grade Representative- 
  • 11th Grade Representative- 
  • 10th Grade Representative- 
  • 9th Grade Representative- 
  • 8th Grade Representative- 
  • 7th Grade Representative- 

Meeting Dates:

The Student Council meets every 3rd Wednesday of the month in Mrs. Brendee's room at lunch, unless otherwise decided.

Next Meeting- 


  • First Day of School Activities
  • Back to School Night Helpers
  • Pep Rally Helpers
  • Homecoming Week- 1st Week in October
  • Secret Santa Student Gift Exchange- Last Day Before Christmas Break
  • Candy Cane Sales- December
  • Winter Dance- End of Jan or Beginning of Feb
  • STUCO Elections- May
  • Academic Awards Night- May
  • Last Day of School Activities

(Subject to changes based on school needs, student preferences and scheduling)

Student Council Officer Position Descriptions and Duties:

President: The president is the chief governing officer overseeing all council events. The main responsibility of the president is to set the agenda for all the meetings with the advice of the faculty sponsor.

  • Be prepared for and lead all meetings
  • Give assistance, guidance and praise to the other members
  • Delegate jobs to other council members and volunteers as needed for activities/events
  • Act as a facilitator during discussions
  • Maintain frequent contact with sponsor and administration
  • Work with sponsor on all planning
  • Participate in student council sponsored activities/events

Vice President: The vice president is the second governing officer overseeing all council events. The main responsibility of the vice president is to act in place of the president in the event of the president’s absence.

  • Work closely with the president, assuming duties when needed
  • Assist the president in preparing meeting agendas
  • Prepare and maintain work schedules for activities
  • Communicating updates and important information, such as meeting reminders, to the council members between meetings

Secretary: The secretary is the history and note keeper of the council. The main responsibility of the secretary is to take accurate notes (minutes) at all meetings and share them with the council and sponsor after the meeting is adjourned.

  • Keep an account of minutes at each meeting
  • Keep account of attendance at each meeting
  • Help maintain council files
  • Maintain contact information for people who work with the council
  • Responsible for writing and sending “Thank You” cards as needed by the council

Treasurer: The treasurer is the monetary keeper of the council. The main responsibility of the treasurer is to keep record of the income and expenses of the council and report them during meetings.

  • Oversee council expenses and revenues
  • Maintain an accurate financial record
  • Give monetary guidance to the council
  • Work with President and VP in preparing calendar and budget