I am going to keep this report short since we have a long agenda.

I am headed to the CASE Superintendent’s conference Wednesday and Thursday of this week.

This month has been riddled with basketball and bad weather.  At the end of January I started a book club.  I have 5 staff members who are participating in this.  We are reading the book, Trusted Leadership; 8 Pillars that Drive Results.  The staff seems to be enjoying the book and have said it is an easy read.  We are meeting Wednesday nights directly after school.

We also practiced all of our drills on the 25th and 26th last month.  We had some wrinkles that Mr. Holloway worked out with the staff. These wrinkles were also discussed further at a staff meeting and it seems that what was decided will work out nicely.

I sent out an email for non coaching staff to participate in the Extra Duty Pay Scale.  I felt that this was prudent so no one could claim an impropriety on the recommendations that this committee will make to the board.  We will have at least one more meeting and I am assuming we will be presenting these recommendations at next month’s meeting.

Mr. Bailey is working on a Track and Field record board for our gym. This is a work in progress and we will keep you up to date on the progress.

I applied for and the school was awarded a grant in the amount of $48,118.00 for Hepa air filters for each classroom in the school.  These machines need to be kept for two years and need to have their filters changed at least once a year.  My hope is that this will help with some of the spreading of germs in the building.  The machines will be delivered this summer for next year's use.

Mr. Holloway and myself spoke with students today during their Advisory period on several items of concern.  We reviewed the ineligibility policy.  Reminding them that if they had a D or an F they were to be in their advisory classes not in the gym playing basketball.  The Dress Code was reviewed along with the Cellphone policy were the next items that were discussed.  We then addressed students telling staff that “The office, Mr. Holloway, or Ms. Unruh said it was ok”. I expressed how this behavior is lying and there will be consequences if this continues.  I then talked with students about expected behaviors for drivers as they come and go from school.  The last topic of discussion was Vaping.  We informed the students of the school policy as well as the legal ramifications of this.

I contacted an outside firm to do an information grab for the teaching staff.  Cornerstone Strategic Planning came on February 16th to work with teaching staff on what they felt was right, wrong, misunderstood, and missing.  The main 3 themes that emerged were; Communication; roles and responsibilities for board, superintendent, principal, and staff; Safety, making sure we have and continue all of our safety trainings.  It was recommended that we contact G&D Associates who specialize in School Communication, School Culture and Climate.