Second Grade

Welcome to 2nd Grade! Below you will find the academic goals for 2nd graders at Prairie!
Reading and Writing:
·Read and understand a variety of second grade level fiction and nonfiction texts by picking out the main idea and details, comparing and contrasting, understanding characters, setting, and plot, and determining cause and effect.
·Increase fluency throughout the year to read 92 words per minute by Spring.
·Write and speak using nouns, plural nouns, verbs, irregular verbs, adverbs, and adjectives correctly.
·Write complete sentences with correct capitalization, punctuation, and spelling.
·Write to persuade, to teach, and to tell a story.
·Understand and use hundreds, tens, and ones.
·Read and write numbers to 1,000 in different ways.
·Know addition and subtraction facts to 20 using mental math.
·Add and subtract two and three digit numbers with and without regrouping.
·Tell time to the nearest 5 minutes and understand a.m. and p.m.
·Use a variety of tools to measure objects in different units.
·Count money to solve word problems.
·Solve problems involving picture graphs and bar graphs.
·Recognize 2D and 3D shapes and their attributes.
·Divide shapes into equal parts and use fractions to describe those parts
Science and Social Studies:
·Life Science- plant and animal needs, habitats, structures, behaviors, and adaptations
·Earth Science- temperature changes, weather patterns, severe weather outcomes
·Physical Science- force and motion
·Geography- maps and globes, natural resources
·History- communities, timelines, customs, traditions, and inventions
·Economics- goods, services, producers, consumers, scarcity, saving and spending
·Civics- citizenship, rules and laws, function of government