Second Grade

Our main goal in second grade is to produce fluent readers. We spend time each day at reading centers. During this time, students work on guided reading with the teacher, independent reading skills activities,and Accelerated Reading. Our core reading program is the Scott Foresman reading program. The program consists of six units. Each unit introduces a new theme.
Unit 1:Exploration
Unit 2:Working together
Unit 3: Creative Ideas
Unit 4: Our Changing World
Unit 5. Responsibility
Unit 6. Traditions
Students also work on phonics skills in second grade. We use the VoWac phonics program which introduces students to the major spellng patterns.
Second grade students work on grammar skills each week. Some of the concepts introduced include:sentences, subjects, predicates, questions, exclamations, nouns, verbs, adjectives, adverbs, pronouns, contractions, quotation marks, commas, and paragraphs.
Students participate in the "Swoop Group" reading program each day. This allows students to be divided into small groups for reading instruction . The Special Education and Title 1 Reading teachers help with these groups.
Each day second grade students participate in "Writer's Workshop". They work on their writing skills at this time.
We use the Saxon math program for second grade math. We learn about telling time, basic facts, patterns, money, problem solving, measuring, graphs, fractions, perimeter, and area.
Second grade students use the Scott Foresman science program. They learn about plants, animals, life cycles, rocks, weather, fossils, matter, energy, forces and motion, sound, space, and technology.
In social studies, we learn about communities, family traditions, natural resources, the continents and oceans, colonies, and special celebrations.