Eighth Grade English

Overview: The middle grades work intensively on grammar and improving their writing skills in a variety of writing formats for a variety of audiences.   Students focus on the theory of grammar and functions of the languge.  They use skills and concepts learned in seventh grade to understand an manipulate material taught in eighth grade.


  • Each semester students write 3-4 essays through the writing process of prewriting, outlining, drafting, editing, and presenting a final two or more page paper. 

  • Pacing

  • Depth of understanding is differentiated for each class

  • Roughly, students work through one chapter and one essay every three to five weeks


  • Grammar lessons and exercises to learn and practice concepts such as the basic sentence, the effective sentence, use of phrase and clauses, and the mastering of troublesome parts of speech and usage.

  • Writing process

    •  Students apply concepts learned  in grammar lessons to their current writing pieces

    • Essay Formats: Description, Compare/Contrast, Creative Writing, Cause/Effect, Response to Literature, Process