First Grade

First Grade Curriculum Standards


             The biggest goal in the first grade is learning how to read and write.  Students enter first grade as non-readers and leave with a basic sight word vocabulary of over 200 words.  In conjunction with reading, students must also leave first grade with a basic understanding of written language, mathematics, social and scientific concepts.

             The Reading Street reading series is used in first grade and is a literature-based program that integrates reading and skill building into various themes throughout the year.  Each theme builds on a controlled vocabulary, introduces phonetic concepts, and introduces the writing process.  As an addition to the reading program, the first graders further develop their phonics skills through the VoWac program. 

             Saxon mathematics is the first grade curriculum for math.  A bulletin board is used for helping students learn to count by ones, twos, fives, tens, and hundreds.   The program also teaches money, telling time, and calendar concepts.  Students also learn about patterns, graphing, sorting, geometry, and measurement.  Students learn to add and subtract basic facts and two-digit numbers without carrying or borrowing.

            First Grade students learn a variety of topics  in Social Studies and Science.  In Social Studies they learn the concept of self, families, neighborhoods, needs and wants, holidays, and map skills.  The Scott Foresman Science curriculum is used to help students learn about the weather, matter, plants, recycling, and living and non-living things.

            As busy as the day is in First Grade, we still have time for Music, P.E., Art, Library and fun!


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