Music classes are offered to all students Pre-school through 12th grade.  General music classes span Pre-school through 7th grade and instrumental music classes are offered to all students grades 4th-12th. Each class meets two days a week for 30 to 45 minutes each. Students are taught how to read music through various forms such as worksheets, flashcards and games.  They also learn about composers through worksheets and movies.

     The music students at Prairie are involved in three concerts each year.  The first one is our Veteran's Day program in November.  It is during school and includes all the students in music classes.  The second one is the Winter program in December.  Each class has its own song for the program and the 5th grade class are the lead roles in the Christmas Musical.  The third program is the Spring program in May and once again includes all students in music classes.  Each class has a class song and then everyone in Pre-school through 7th grade are involved in a Musical Revue.

     The students begin band in the 4th grade and can continue through the 12th grade.  The bands perform at each concert.  The beginning band performs by itself on the Winter program and with the 5th-12th band in the spring.  All students grades 5th through 12th can also perform at the State Music Contest in Fort Morgan each March.  Here they can play solos or emsembles for a judge and a rating and receive a medal for top marks at the contest. Awards for the year are given out at the Spring program.