Prairie Preschool Purposes and Goals


Prairie Preschool is interested in the child’s total development.  The purpose of this program is to provide experiences that develop skills needed to make learning easier for the children.  When working with your children, we want to develop in each child a positive self-image and to promote a joy of learning.  We believe that we cannot overestimate the value of play in the development of the young child.


Our Goals


… To provide a working relationship with teachers who can give the child a feeling of support for his or her needs, a sense of self-worth and self-expression, and encouragement toward independence.


… To provide an atmosphere where children discover that more joy is derived from the learning process than from the finished product.


..To provide successful experiences in order to help develop each child’s self-confidence and self-control.



It is our desire to guide and nurture the “whole” child while offering an enriched learning experience.