Welcome to 3rd Grade!

By Mrs. Bailey

            In third grade students are taught reading, writing, grammar, cursive, math, science, and social studies.  When students enter 3rd grade they have a strong basic foundation of all these subjects especially reading, writing, and math.

            In reading, students are projected to be fluently reading at least 77 words or more in one minute in the fall and should exit 3rd grade fluently reading at least 119 words or more in one minute.  The third grade class currently is using the Journeys reading series.  Journeys has a weekly focus and theme.  Each week there are skills and reading strategies to practice.  It spirals back to the same skills and strategies throughout the year.  Along with our reading series, the students are introduced to reading chapter books of all genres with their reading swoop teachers.  This develops a love for reading!

            In writing, students are excited to learn cursive.  They also learn to write a well-developed paragraph of at least 11 sentences on a specific topic.  The Step-Up-to-Writing is the format that the students are introduced to and use to develop their ideas for writing. 

            In math, Saxon mathematics and GoMath are used.  Students learn and master many concepts and skills such as, addition/subtraction within 1,000, represent and interpret data, multiplication, division, fractions, time, length, liquid, volume, mass, perimeter, area, 2-dimential shapes.  The skill that is taught and practiced throughout the year is multiplication.    Students are eager to learn their multiplication facts and get those mastered. 

            Science and social studies are some of my third graders favorite subjects.  The students do lots of hands on activities and projects within these subjects.  Some of the favorites are the Indian research projects, USA salt dough maps, rainforest animal dioramas, master learning where all 50 US states are located on a map, rocks/minerals/fossil unit, states of matter unit, and experience how pioneer life was while attending a two-room pioneer school in Stoneham, CO for a day in the spring.

            Students are active daily during PE and get to be introduced to their first instrument, recorders, in music.  Students love being creative in art and learn great computer skills in library to get them prepared for the 21st century age of learning.  Their computer skills are put to use daily while they use chrome books to complete and work on assignments in class.