7th Grade

Language Arts is the largest subject area for the sixth grade. It is broken down into three different subjects: Reading, English, and Spelling. With reading encompassing a large portion of their literacy block, the students are required to read from six different themes in their textbook. The stories are both fiction and nonfiction, and each theme has four main stories along with some poems and short stories. An activity book goes along with the textbook and included spelling, English, and reading comprehension worksheets. The students also read many different novels and chapter books. Many of these are related to the themes or other units that are taking place in the classroom. Accelerated Reader is also used in the classroom. This program helps the students to build reading comprehension skills while working at a pace suitable to their needs. The grammar English book is centered around writing. Students are required to complete many different writing assignments that developed their writing skills. These writing assignments help to prepare the students for the writing component on the CSAP test. Weekly word lists and tests are used to help improve spelling and vocabulary.

Math is stressed throughout the school year. The students are required to complete a daily lesson of thirty problems along with weekly tests. They are also introduced to new concepts which they have to apply using a daily practice workbook called Practice Counts and Soaring Scores. This book helps to prepare the students for CSAP-style questions and to develop problem solving skills.

Denis Bringelson, 7th Grade Teacher