Career and Technical Education


This class offered many different skills to students. The first unit of study was Business Communications. Students learned how to communicate effectively in business by studying communication in a diverse workplace, non-verbal communication, the writing process, communication with customers, and employment communication.


Students learned to use the interest inventory and career information portion of the College in Colorado website. The results of the inventories were also put into their career portfolios.


During the second semester a new curriculum was introduced, called Get aHead for Business. It guided students through the process required to start up a business successfully. The following is a list of the highlights from the curriculum donated by Oppenheimer Funds:

  • Entrepreneurial Thinking – Entrepreneurship Defined, Are You an Entrepreneur?, Entrepreneurs in a Market Economy, Economics of One Unit of Sale, Opportunity Recognition

  • Business Identification and Selection – Creativity and Innovation, Which Business is Right for You?, Cost of Operating a business, The Mystery of Marketing, Your Competitive Advantage


We also touched a little bit on Entrepreneurial opportunities such as:

  • What makes a great Entrepreneur

  • How to start your own business

  • Advantages and Disadvantages of being an Entrepreneur