Computer Applications


In this class, students were able to learn the more about the Microsoft Office 2007 programs. The students had opportunities to work through steps on how to use these programs and become more familiar with the tools. The programs mostly used were Microsoft Word, Access, PowerPoint, and Publisher.

This year we will also be going in depth with Google Docs.  Here students will learn about the "cloud" and online computing.  I hope that students will be able to use these skills organize their online world and prepare them for college.

Some of the activities and projects that the students accomplished with their newly learned skills were:

  • Reviewing and creating business letters, newsletters, schedules, etc.

  • Creating a letterhead and personal business logo and card.

  • Learning more advanced tools in PowerPoint, such as transitions, hyperlinks, animations, etc.

  • Being introduced to Access, so they could see how this program might be useful to them later.

Another addition to the Computer Apps class this year was the use of Agent Sheets. Agent Sheets is a programmed designed to help kids understand the “logical” components of computer programming. This program was based around Game Design.

Students learned different methods such as:

  • Push/Pull

  • Move

  • Carry

  • Many others as well.


These methods were based off of an If/Then statement. The students were required to design 2 programs. Frogger and Pac-Man. The third game they were required to come up with on their own.