Business Math

Students in this class will learn a combination of math and business skills to help them learn about personal finance.  Students will study gross income, net income, checking accounts, savings accounts, cash purchases, charge accounts and credit cards, loans, automobile transportation, housing costs, and insurance and invenstments.

We will also be working with Dave Ramsey and his curriculum.  These videos follow the chapters nicely.  This system addresses all facets of personal financing and being organized with your personal accounts.

During tax season, students will take part in a mock filing of taxes.  With help from the IRS website, students will engage in payroll taxes, federal income tax withholding, wage and tip income, interest income, dependents, filing status, exemptions, standard deduciton, claiming child tax credit, tax credit for child and dependent care expenses, education credits, earned income credit, refund-amount due--record keeping, electronic tax return preparation and transmission, self-employment income and the self-employment tax.