7th/8th grade life science




Textbook: Science (level green)

Authors: Biggs, Daniel, Feather, Ortleb, Rillero, Snyder, Zike

Publisher: Glencoe


Overview: This year in life science we will begin with a study of the scientific method. Students will become familiar with the basic building blocks of life – DNA, genes, cells, as well as the classifications of living things. We will study the human body and look at its anatomy, physiology, and diseases. We will discuss plants, the environment, and resources. The year will finish learning about chemical properties, Newton’s Laws of Motion, and energy.


Laboratory experiments will be performed throughout the course to give the students hands on learning tools. Labs will focus on making observations, graphing, modeling, and measuring different systems. Lab write-ups will help students more thoroughly understand and apply the information from experiments. 








“The whole of science is nothing more than a refinement of everyday thinking.”

Albert Einstein