11th/12th grade Physics




Textbook: Physics: Principals and Problems

Authors: Zitzewitz and Murphy

Publisher: Merrill


Overview: Over the course of the year you will learn about the physical laws that are fundamental to an understanding of all sciences. They will be presented with relevant, real life examples to connect what we learn in class to the life we experience outside of the classroom.


We will first cover basic measurements, including SI units and significant figures. A brief review of algebra and graphing will lead us into the study of mechanics, heat, and the states of matter. Next we will learn the laws of conservation by discussing momentum and energy.  A study of electromagnetism will lay a foundation for examination of the quantum nature of light, as well as electricity and magnetism. We will finish the year with a brief look at atomic and nuclear physics.


Laboratory experiments will be performed throughout the course to give the students hands on learning tools. Labs will focus on making observations, graphing, modeling, and measuring different systems. Lab write-ups will help students more thoroughly understand and apply the information from experiments.





“For me physics is a way of seeing--the spectacular and the mundane, the immense and the minute--as a beautiful, thrillingly interwoven whole...physics illuminates the workings of our world and its astonishing elegance and beauty."

Walter Lewin, Professor MIT