Competent Readers in the Fifth Grade

Students must learn to read and spell many words found in content area textbooks and lectures as well as learn the meaning of words. Upper elementary school students need to go beyond phonics, syllable knowledge, and simple prefixes and suffixes because word length and complexity change dramatically beyond third grade (Henry, 2003, p. 101).

Attached you will find a list of words commonly found in textbooks. You can review these words with your child, compare and contrast words, sort nouns, adjectives, and verbs within a group of words, have discussions, or find their meaning in the dictionary - have fun!

Keep on reading!

Mrs. Long



Henry, M. K. (2003). Unlocking Literacy: Effective Decoding & Spelling Instruction. Baltimore, MA: Paul H. Brooks Publishing Co.

PS: I am happy to make you a copy of words commonly found in textbooks for your student in the secondary grades.