Algebra I

Algebra I is the foundation for high school mathematics at Prairie High School.  A variety of Algebra I topics will be introduced, reinforced and mastered throughout the course of the year.  Examples of concepts include complex fraction, literal equations, order of operations within nested expressions, exponential simplication (both positive and negative exponents), graphing equations (lines and absolute value on the numberline and the Cartesian Coordinate System), surface area and volume (e.g. spheres, pyrmaids, and cylinders), functions, analysis of functions, systems of equations (solved by both the substitution and elimination methods), probability and statistics, simplification of square roots, factoring trinomials, and an introduction to solving quadratic equations (by factoring and the quadratic formula).  The textbook used in the class is "Algebra I" by Holt, Rinehart, and Winston.  In addition, sources from Algebra II textbooks are utilized throughout the course.  Enrichment actiities include student participation at the U.N.C. Math Contest.  In addition, students with a high degree of math-science aptitude are invited to participate in N.J.C.'s Math-Science Contest in April.  In addition, graphing calculators are used to enhance instruction in this course.

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