Geometry is taught in a formal geometry format.  Students will learn about geometrical relationships (linear, two dimensional, and three dimensional), the foundation of geometry (point, line, and plane), as well as geometric reasoning (both induction and deduction).  Calculations involving volumes (e.g. cones, cylinders, pyramids, spheres) and surface areas (e.g. cones and prisms) will be discussed at length.  The two column proof, which includes statements and reasons, will utlize postulates and theorems.  Cartesian Coordinate geometry will be discussed with the equation of a line (point-slope and slope-intercept), slope, midpoint, and distance formula, just to name a few.  Parallel lines, perpendicular lines, triangle congurence, properties of triangles, polygons, quadrilaters, similarity, and trigonometric relationships for right triangles (i.e. sine, cosine, and tangent), and transformational geometry will be discussed.  The current textbook is "Geometry" published by Holt with authors Burger, Chard, Hall, Kennedy, Leinwand, Renfrom, Seymour, and Waits.    Enrichment activities include student participation for the U.N.C. Math Contest.  In addition, students with a high degree of math-science aptitude are invited to participate in N.J.C.'s Math-Science Contest in April.

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