The Pre-Calculus course consists of advanced algebraic relationships which include trigonometric ratios, graphs of functions, equations of functions, exponential functions, logarithmic relationships, logarithmic properties, three dimensional systems of equations, limits, conic sections, arithmetic sequences and series, geometric sequences and series, synthetic division, and matrices.  It is advisable for students to have a graphing calculator (preferably a Texas Instrument brand).  The purpose of this course is to act as a stepping stone towards secondary and post-secondary education.  Students taking this course are provided with a diversity of mathematical discussion and concepts.  The current textbook used is "Advanced Mathematics" by John H. Saxon, Jr.  In addition, several College Algebra textbooks are utilized as supplementary material.  Enrichment activities include student participation at the U.N.C. Math Contest. In addition, students with a high degree of math-science aptitude are invited to participate in N.J.C.'s Math-Science Contest in April.  Graphing calculators are utilitzed to enhance instruction in the class. 

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