Animal Reproduction

Animal Reproduction is a course specializing in beef reproduction services. In this class students utilize the ABS A.I. management manual to learn the key concepts in cattle reproduction. There are some aspects in this manual that cover dairy reproduction as well; in which we touch briefly on. To complement this, students also get hands on experience in reproduction. Activities include: female reproductive tract dissection, in-vitro fertilization; live artificial insemination practice, live embryo transfer practice, and a three day industry tour. The industry tour will be headed towards Oklahoma this year to learn about different producers aspects in reproduction. This class is open to freshmen through seniors and can be taken as many times as a student would like.

Grades will be based on the following:

·         Assignments- 40%

·         Exams- 20%

·         Quizzes-15%

·         Class Participation- 10 points per day. (25%)

Academic dishonesty will NOT be tolerated! Every student is expected to do their own work and complete it by the given deadlines.  Failing to do so will result in a zero on the assignment and for the day!!!


*Assignments will be turned in to the front desk each day.  Any assignment that is not completed in class will be expected to be done as homework and turned in the next day. 

* NO LATE ASSIGNMENTS WILL BE ACCEPTED!!! All work must be turned in as you are walking into class or you will receive a zero!!!

* I am willing to work with you on missed assignments; however, you must talk with me!!! If you are going to be gone and you know you are going to be gone, visit with me ahead of time!!!



                *Exams will be given at the end of each unit!

*A study guide will be prepared for you for the unit.  You will need to use the   information given in your notebook to help you prepare for the exam. 

               *There will be no retakes available.



                *Quizzes will be given in order to help you prepare for your final exam for the unit. 

                 *They will be announced and unannounced!!


Class Participation:

* Students will be given 10 point each day based on their work attitude.  In order to gain the full 10 points you must be on task and respectful!! Students will be given one warning and then their points will begin to decrease for the day when appropriate behavior is not observed!


Classroom Rules and Policies:

  1. LEARN!  I want every student to have a great learning experience in this classroom.  I want them to be able to feel like they can talk to me at all times and that I want them to experience academic success.  Please, if you are struggling with a certain content area come and visit with me and we will work out a way that we can help your learning advance.  
  2. Given that I would like each student to be successful in their academic achievement in agricultural education, every student is expected to participate in every activity that is assigned through instruction. 
  3. BE RESPECTFUL!!!  All students will not only be expected to give other students respect when they are speaking in class but also to me when I am instructing.  Talking in class while someone is talking or presenting will NOT be tolerated.  In order for all of us to learn to our best ability we need to be respectful to one another. 
  4. BE ON TIME!!! One tardy will be allowed and then after that you will lose half of your participation points for the day.
  5. All electronic devices are strictly prohibited to use in class. Please shut off and put away all cell phones and I-Pods that may distract from the learning process.

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