Spanish I Syllabus

Welcome to Spanish! I have high expectations of you and your performance in my class.

Requirements of Course: Be prepared for class with a positive attitude and eager to learn. You are required to have the following materials each class period: notebook, folder or binder, pen, writing book (we call it the blue book). All assignments must be completed on time. Assignments turned in late receive reduced credit.

Expectations: The following policies, together with the general policies of the Prairie School student handbook, will be in effect all year.

  • Arrive to class on time. Anyone arriving late without a pass will be recommended for a demerit.
  • Arrive to class prepared. It is required that you bring a notebook, pen, textbook, and workbook (each and every day). Failure to do so will result in points taken off your participation grade.
  • Do not use your Spanish book as a filing cabinet.
  • Have your homework completed at the beginning of class.
  • If absent, make up work is to be sought out by you, the student. Please refer to your Prairie student handbook.
  • Be respectful: students are expected to conduct themselves in an appropriate manner. You are expected to treat the instructor and other students with courtesy and respect.

Grading: Grading will be based on the following areas:

  1. tests
  2. homework
  3. projects
  4. class participation and effort

Remember: Spanish is an academically challenging subject that will require a great deal of study, practice, memorization, and homework (taking time to study new words is imperative in learning a new language). I expect you to fully participate in all aspects of the class including oral practice, written work, and listening activities. Do not be afraid to make mistakes in my class - speaking skills will only come to you if you take a chance and attempt to communicate. Have fun!

Mrs. Long