2018-2019 FBLA Officer Team

Congratulations on another successful FBLA year.  I am very thankful and proud of all my members.  

Congratulations to the new FBLA officer team:

President- Amanda Carmin

Vice President- Roman Joska

Secretary/Treasurer- Ayden Marler

Historian/Reporter- Patrick Thompson


Math & Science Place Winners

These are the placings for the top three places at NJC's Math-Science Contest on April 25, 2018:

Kayla Dollerschell:  2nd Place in Senior Math

Ayden Marler:  1st Place in Algebra II

                       3rd Place in 10th Grade Critical Thinking

NHS Inductees

Congratulations to the National Honor Society Inductees:

MaKayla Baker, Mitch Dollerschell, Hannah Kinnison, Ayden Marler, and Emma Stump

State FBLA

It was another successful year in Vail for State FBLA.  Eli Marler took 4th in Marketing and Andrew Littlefield took 3rd in Intro-to Public Speaking.  Congratulations to both! Eli & Andrew qualified to compete at National FBLA in Baltimore, Maryland.  

FBLA District 3- Results

Congratulations to the members of FBLA on another successful year.  Below are the top 5 finishers at districts.  

State Qualifiers (highlighted in green)

Eli Marler-
                1st in Advertising
                3rd in Economics

Amy Pollart-
                2nd in Agribusiness              
                1st in Sports & Entertainment Management (Team)

Paige Northrup.
                4th in Business Calculations

Roman Joska
                1st in Computer Problem Solving
                1st in Computer Applications

Makenzie Dabbs

                5th in Healthcare & Administration

Kayla Dollerschell

2nd in Healthcare & Administration
1st in Who’s Who
3rd in Spreadsheet Applications

Ayden Marler

1st in Intro-to Business
3rd in Broadcast Journalism (team)

Patrick Thompson

3rd in Financial Math
5th in Social Media Campaign

Nikki Alway

                2nd in Computer Applications

Allie Blackwelder

                2nd in Spreadsheet Applications

Andrew Littlefield

    1st in Intro-to Public Speaking

Ellee Laybourn

                3rd in Computer Game & Simulation

Dylan Schock

                4th in Computer Game & Simulation

Caden Albaugh

                4th in Website Design
                5th in Social Media Campaign

Ashley Scott

                3rd in Broadcast Journalism (Team)

Garrett Lindell

                3rd in Broadcast Journalism (Team)

Amanda Carmin

                1st in Sports & Entertainment Management (Team)

Devin Littlefield

                1st in Sports & Entertainment Management (Team)

Emma Martinez

                5th in Publication Design

Montana Goodman

                5th in Publication Design

Madison Stewart

                Business Law